Monday, February 6, 2012

What happens when it snows...

This morning I woke up to a lovely light dusting of snow on the ground and not-so-lovely sidewalks that had not yet been sanded. I am surprised that I didn't wipe out! I was at the tram stop on time as per usual... but the tram was 15 minutes late, due to the "snow". Then, the doors wouldn't shut because of the ice, so we all had to get off and wait for the next tram. I felt like a sardine. I arrived 25 minutes late to my placement but luckily my host teacher was understanding!
I found it all very amusing.
Especially when I grabbed a copy of the free "Direct Matin" paper and saw this on the cover:
"The cold grips France."
Note the light dusting of beautiful snow. Now, I do understand the issues over the snow.... I mean, we are well equipped in Canada but we also get snow without fail every year, and usually a lot of it. It has been 3 years since Nantes has seen snow, so I am not surprised that they weren't ready for the snow. But even all over the 1/3 of France that got hit, it's just a mess. Homeless people have died of hypothermia and there is a risk of power failures... not to mention the transportation mess! It definitely makes me appreciate the fact that we get each season to the fullest in Ontario; that way we are prepared for anything (unless you are Toronto and call in the army during a snowstorm...).
And a quick side note, when mentioning homeless people the French have a term that they use: les SDF. It stands for "sans domicile fixe" or without a fixed home. I kind of like it, rather than saying "homeless" or "bum". It seems more respectful.
Anyways, enjoy your weird weather (I hear it is +7 chez moi in Port Elgin) and I will enjoy my weird weather too!

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  1. As u say, france isn't used to snowing weather. To my eyes, it sounds quite funny, being given all the amount of snow I've discovered here, in Montreal !

    Nice article Nicole, and moreover it's definitely great to get news from my birthplace :)

    Continue !
    Have a nice week, full of snow !