Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter, go back to Canada please!

Yes-I will admit it- I`m from Canada and I do NOT like the cold!
Not that I don`t like things associated with the cold... things like skating, skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, hot chocolate, snow angels, etc. are all quite wonderful! I just dislike being cold.
And apparently neither do les nantaise! We were greeted in Nantes this morning with a wind chill that made it feel like -8 degree C. Tomorrow morning it is supposed to feel like -14. NOT GOOD. It would be bearable if I had all my winter gear... but I don't... so for now I'm planning to not exit warm buildings unless it is necessary!
Which I did actually manage to do this morning... despite feeling a little under the weather this week, I got for a 50 minute run this morning. It felt great, but I will have to bring more kleenex next time... I had to stop and blow my nose almost every 5 minutes!
Anyways, I'm probably being pretty boring at the moment. No one wants to hear about the weather and runny noses.
But not too much has happened since I got back on Monday. I had two classes yesterday, and they both went quite well. We have been learning about the famous Charles deGaulle in history class. My Dad had been asking me over Christmas what the big deal was with him, why the French like him so much. Well, I can now say that not all the French like him, but the overall sentiments towards him are positive. Yes, he may have left France just before it was defeated by Germany in WWII. But he did it so that he could better coordinate the resistance movement from a city that wasn't under German control. I guess he made a pretty famous radio broadcast on the BBC to encourage the French to not collaborate. After the war, he was proclaimed President. He later decided to retire as the President, but was brought back under some controversial events during the Algerian war. Now there is an airport named after him. That was pretty brief and I probably left some key info out, but you get the idea.
One exciting thing did happen today though! My two friends and I finished booking hour hostels for Spain! We are going to Barcelon, Malaga, and Seville, with day trips to Montserrat, Granada, Cadiz, and maybe Gibralter. We are crossing our fingers for warmer weather!! After Spain, I will be going to Paris the first weekend in March for my half-marathon, and then not really any traveling until my parents come!!! Which I am very excited for. I will go into more detail about our plans the closer it gets... but I am very much looking forward to it.
I hope you enjoyed my random ramblings today! I honestly had nothing to write about and still managed to fill a decent sized post. No wonder my grade 1 teacher called me chatter-box...


  1. Ha ha, poor Nikki. I feel SOOOOO bad for you stuck there in France and that cold weather! Lol. Just think of it as a small taste of home :D

    <3 Cait

  2. So cold! But yes, good point. It's not so bad being cold when you're in France :) Hope the weather is nice where you are!