Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All the best conversations happen over good food...

Sunday is now two days away, but it was such a great day that I just have to write about it! I mean... nothing spectacular happened; I didn't go anywhere; but it was good nevertheless.
I woke up a little tired but went to church with my friend anyways and had a decent time. Afterwards I came back to my room to do a bit of homework and such. I also took advantage of the sunny day by going to a walk with my friend. Sounds pretty boring, but I thoroughly enjoyed my day.
In the evening, I went out for dinner with two friends. It was actually my first real dinner out at a French restaurant... I have been out for crepes but not actually dinner. 5 months later... haha. Anyways, one of the guys in our group wanted to talk to my friend and I about our faith and what we believe. We had a really great conversation over dinner where we got to chat about what each one of us personally believes and it was really fantastic. I find that when I talk about my beliefs, it helps to convict me more as well.
But without further ado, the food that we ate! We decided to go for the "menu", meaning that you pay a certain sum and get an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. All the food was very delicious!
Siobhain's appetizer... something with goat cheese.

My starter... kind of like veggie soup.

My main course: white fish, ratatouille, rice, and some green vegetable. Oh, and this little lobster dude.

Lobster friend (I didn't eat him)

Dessert: fromage blanc with raspberry sauce


Coffee to end the night
There is a lot written in the Bible about the importance of sharing meals together, and it was a theme that we discussed a lot this past summer at camp. I am starting to realize how important meals actually are and how they can be used to bring people together. At home, I am lucky enough to have a family that sits down to dinner all together each night, and I know how rare that can be. In France, meals are pretty long, much longer than at home, and I really enjoy that we can linger over our food and conversation.
Plus, who can turn down good food, good friends/family, and good fun? Not me!

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