Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hello, 2012!

Hi everyone!
I hope everyone had a nice holiday with their families. I know that I sure did! It was great to be home.
But now I am greeting you, once again, from France! I safely arrived in Nantes around noon. Both of my flights were great and quick. My first flight, which took 9hours to get home, only took 7.5 hours to get to France. I also sat beside a really nice man who is Canadian but works as an interpreter in Paris. He studied teaching at the U of Ottawa but found that he really enjoyed interpreting. It was really interesting talking to him, because his job has taken him everywhere. He said that his most nerve-wracking work trip was to the Democratic Republic of Congo recently as an election observer. He said that he was relieved to leave after 6 days, which made me think of a friend of mine who spent a month there doing missions work. It sounds like a whole other world!
I also managed to catch a couple of hours of sleep on my first flight. My second flight was fairly easy to find and I didn't have to wait long for it. It wasn't full, and one woman wanted to change seats because she didn't want to be near the emergency exit so I switched with her and got a whole row to myself. I started reading the Hunger Games, which kept me very occupied on my travels.
Finally, I made it back. I mostly, swapped stories and caught up with a friend, and did some grocery shopping. Oh, and took a 1 hour nap. I think I will be going to bed soon; I can feel my eye-lids drooping.
I am going to try to write one blog post each week on how my training for the Paris Half-Marathon is going. This will keep myself accountable and also hopefully be interesting! I had been having some shoe problems before the break, but I have a new pair now so hopefully my runs will feel better. The race is Mar. 4, which gives me about 2 months left to train. I am very excited but nervous too, of course.
As a quick and random side note that has nothing to do with running: If you have never read any Stuart McLean books, I recommend that you do so immediately! I just read one my Mom got for Christmas and it was wonderful. His stories have great Canadian themes that make you think about and appreciate our country.
And with that, I turn my attention to the country I am currently in: France. Looking forward to another great semester!

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