Thursday, January 12, 2012

J'aime la France!

Well, today was full of lots of fun and unexpected things. We started off the day with our grammar class, which I think will be better than first semester. It sounds like we will actually be focusing a lot on grammar and we have a couple of neat presentations to do. Should be alright.
After grammar, my two friends and I hit the wifi common room to do some booking for reading week at the end of February. We are going to be traveling to Spain, so right now we have a flight to Barcelona and from Seville. We haven't finalized plans for in between, but we are hoping that they include lots of hiking and seeing the countryside, with obviously a bit of city touring. We have been to so many cities now that we are eager for a change, and the weather should be alright in Spain at the end of February, so outdoors here we come!
This afternoon we had the weirdest philosophy class of my life. Our prof came in and started miming, and then whispered that he lost his voice. Then he spent 45 minutes writing on the board... it was unbelievably slow but hilarious at the same time. We thought he would just dismiss us, but no. We were there all three hours! We took up our test from before the holidays with him writing on the board, then finished watching a film we began, then he discussed the film a bit, all the while still whispering. It was just... bizarre!
Then, this evening, Jody and I overcame our wariness and headed back to the Pentecostal church for what we thought was a student night. Instead, once a month they have a food-share program for students where you pay 2 euro and get a bunch of food. We didn't know, but we still met a lot of really nice people our age. It seemed like everyone knew we were coming... they saw us and all went "Oh, you're the Canadians??" But really, they were so nice. And we decided to do the food thing since it was so cheap, and we got SO MUCH food. It was much better than the other food-share. We didn't manage to make it in time for fresh food (apples, oranges, bananas, squash, leeks, etc etc etc) but we got a ton of other food. And then one of the girls drove us home, which was really nice. All in all we met some really nice people and I will probably go back. Plus, French speaking all evening!
Speaking of French, a bunch of us have made a decision to try to speak French between us as much as possible, since that is one way to improve. So all day today I basically was speaking/listening to French and I must say, my brain is quite tired!
Time to read some Hunger Games... of should I say Mockingjay (yes, I am on the third book already and 43% done. SO GOOD.)

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