Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Days Back

Well, I have now officially been back in Nantes for almost a week, and I have also officially started back to school!
On Monday, I went back to my placement class and was fortunate enough to get to listen to the student`s oral presentations, and even mark some on my own (filming it for my teacher for later). It was pretty interesting. It is really difficult to mark them though, since I obviously have a high level of English speaking, but I tried to be fair. Plus, my marks aren't the final say; the teacher will watch their presentations and make his own decisions. I just hope I wasn't too hard on them!
Afterwards, I succeeded in downloading the last two Hunger Games novels by highjacking some McDonald's wifi, so you can imagine what I've been doing anytime I have free time... reading!
Yesterday, we had our first two classes: history and literature. They were both alright; I think I will get more out of literature this time around even though the prof is really difficult.
Last night a few of us went out to the movies to watch a French film called "Les Intouchables." I have been hearing people going on and on about it for quite a few months... apparently it is one of the highest earning French movies. I believe it passed "Bienvenue Chez Les Ch'Tis" which came out last time I was in France. Anyways, everyone was right: it was a fantastic movie! It was based on the relationship between a wealthy paraplegic man and the man he hires to care for him, who got the job just by chance. It was hilarious but also had a great message and was quite touching. If there is a dubbed or subtitled version that you can find, I highly recommend it! It was excellent.
Have a great Wednesday!

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