Monday, January 16, 2012


I am afraid I have become a little behind in my posting. After two weeks of not writing in my journal nor on my blog, I have found that I have to really motivate myself to remember to write. I'm hoping that the next day or so is fairly uneventful so that I can catch up a bit.
I have heard that Canada entered into a deep-freeze these past two days. The same thing happened over here. The difference? It's -2 and every time I exit a warm building I feel like I am going to shiver to death, and I must sound like a squirrel, from chattering so much. Why does it feel so cold? Maybe it's because we don't have huge parkas, ear bags (or hoods/toques/headbands for the more fashion conscious), ski pants, neck warmers, and furry boots over here. Or maybe it is because I am getting acclimatised to a more moderate temperature. Regardless, I don't know how I survived -20 in Peterborough last year. I just don't know.
On Saturday, despite the chill, it was a beautiful sunny day. Continuing our castle excursions, we decided to take a little day trip to Angers, the town I visited in November. I had already been there before so I knew what to see and do, which was nice. I also got a couple of pictures in the same spot I had them taken four years ago... which was fun!
Me in 2008

Me today in the same spot. Same coat too!
The castle was beautiful and we had fun exploring its wall, its residences, and its chapel.

We had a beautiful sunny day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
I also finished the Hunger Games trilogy... now I'm sad that it is over.
In the evening, it was our friend Sarah's 21st Birthday so we all went over to her place to eat some Galette des Roi before heading downtown. It was a great evening and a lot of Canadians were able to make it out!
I have been keeping up with my running in preparation for the Half-Marathon in Paris, which is about 7 weeks away. I'm so excited! Next steps are to book our train tickets and hotel/hostel. I have new running shoes and they feel fantastic!
More about Sunday later: church, rest, walking, eating out. A solid day. And Monday: teaching!

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