Friday, January 20, 2012

Boxing Month

You know how on December 26th everyone makes a mad-dash for the stores to benefit from the awesome discounts? Well, if you are in France, you don't have to worry if you couldn't make it out of bed in time to get the good stuff, or if a snow storm ruined your chances at half-price sweaters. That is because Boxing Day sales continue for the ENTIRE month of January. I kid you not, everywhere you turn there are deals of anywhere from 30%-70% off all merchandise. Clothes, shoes, kitchen ware, home decor... you name it, it is on sale. Seriously, I would just always wait until after Christmas to buy presents. So many great deals!
I have luckily managed to not find anything worth buying though... I try to avoid the sales when possible so I don't spend too much on things I don't need. But it sure is fun to look!
This morning, I went for my longest run yet: 1 hour 14 minutes. It felt great! I discovered a new trail which took me into the country. I would have loved to have kept going, since the scenery was so gorgeous. I also made a little detour to the Mediatheque (like a library, but with books, movies, cds, magazines, etc.) to look for Harry Potter in French, since it has been awhile since I read any of the books. Unfortunately they were all signed out.
Tonight, we are heading out to go skating again, since some of my friends couldn't make it the first time.
Looking forward to the weekend! TGIF!

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