Sunday, January 8, 2012

S-U-N-D-A-Y, minus the sun

Well, I had a great Sunday but as my ever-creative title alludes, there wasn't much sun. Which I really can't complain about, since the past two days have been very sunny. I went for a walk wearing a t-shirt and my rain jacket and was quite warm. Better than -15? Yep!
So, my Sunday! My friend Jody and I decided to try out a new church she found, since it was the New Year and we realized that we had really only seen one church. It was an evangelical pentecostal church, and the first of its kind I have ever been to. To be honest, the music was great but everything else was... different. I couldn't follow the sermon (but it was in French and speaking about a passage in the book of Numbers, sooo....) which was too bad. They also did a different prayer; the minister would start speaking and then randomly people would just jump in over top of each other so it was like a cross between chanting and praying and singing... when we walked in this was happening, and it felt a little strange. The thing that kept me concentrating though was the fact that this was just the way that these people worship, so I can appreciate that. Plus, after the service this couple introduced themselves to us and invited us over to their house anytime, and then introduced us to a TON of people our age, who invited us to a student bible study that they have on Thursdays. So even if we don't go back to the church, we will probably check out the Bible study. Sounds good, and a great way to connect with christian young adults in France! (I officially have to stop referring to myself as a youth... must face adult-hood).
After church, I headed over to my host family's for the rest of the day. We had lunch and I gave them some Christmas presents and they gave me a CD by a French artist so that I can start to get to know French music better. After, we went to my host father's parent's house just outside of Nantes to share in the "galette de roi" and some champagne. The galette de roi is a tradition that happens just after New Years. A galette is like a tart, and ours was apple. A small toy is hidden inside the tart by whoever made it so you don't know where it is. Someone cuts the tart in hiding, then the youngest person in the room hides under the table or in the corner and says who to give different pieces to, that way there is no chance for someone to know who has the little toy. Everyone eats their piece, and if you get the toy in yours than you become the "roi" or "reine" (king or queen) and have to wear a crown for the rest of the meal. It was very amusing.
The day ended off well with a reunited bible study, where we really only recounted our adventures from the past months but enjoyed the time together nonetheless.
Things are starting off well in 2012! Of course I miss my family, but it is nice to be back in France. Tomorrow I go back to my volunteering and I get to watch and mark presentations, so hopefully it goes well!

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