Sunday, October 9, 2011

How Great, part II

To continue my sentiments of this day being fantastic, I had a wonderful afternoon and evening!
After church, I had some lunch and then played a game of soccer. I thought that it was just going to be Siobhain, Michelle and I, but apparently Siobhain invited a couple guys, which turned into 8 guys from various European countries. Now, I haven't played soccer in about 6 years, so I was petrified. But I actually ended up having a great time outside in the sunshine, and even assisted in a goal!
Afterward, my friend and I prepared some food for the Thanksgiving picnic. We brought carrots and green beans, which we lightly tossed in Maple Syrup (or not so lightly... hehe). Anyways, they were delicious.
The picnic itself was great! We had turkey, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, our green beans and carrots, strawberries, salad, ratatouille, pasta, bread and cheese, wine and champagne, apple pie, pain au chocolat, munchies, and cappuccinos. It was a fantastic meal, and we were all cool and made it into a picnic on the lawn in front of one of the rez's. Afterwards, some played soccer, some made a massage circle, and I joined in for some Frisbee.
 It started to get dark and chilly after a while so some people left, but one of the guys brought out his guitar and gave it to us to use. So, naturally I got really excited and went to join the guitar group. We kinda messed around for a while with random songs, but then a few of us started requesting some worship music. We played a few songs, like "Inside Out," "How Great is our God," "Consuming Fire," "Beauty of the Cross," and "Mighty to Save." I was really, really content, and still am. Playing guitar and singing is not only my favourite way of worshiping/praying, but it is also a way that I de-stress and take breaks throughout my days. I've been really missing it, so I was really happy to get to hang out with some others and worship! Plus, I found out that there is a piano room in that rez, and that my friend can rent it for me! So piano, here I come. I can't wait to play some more music!
I hope that everyone had as good a day as I had... because I had such a great day!

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