Saturday, October 22, 2011

Outdoor Market!

This morning, I had the chance to check out one of the largest outdoor markets in Nantes! It was great. I was really impressed by the sheer quantity of produce that was available... it was seriously amazing! There were so many fruits and vegetables for October. If I weren't heading out on Tuesday, I totally would have bought some. They even had sweet potatoes, although they looked different. They had pumpkins too, but again, they were weird looking. There were also a lot of international cuisine stations, like Chinese, Pakistani, Turkish, etc. and a lot of Halal options (there is a large Muslim population). All of the dishes looked really good and I'd like to go back for lunch someday to try something new.
Here are a couple of photos of one part of the market:

Just check out all of that goodness!
And of course, there was the usual assortment of fresh fish...

A little terrifying... some of the fish were so big! Seafood is pretty big around this area, since we are so close to the ocean. Thankfully though, it didn't smell too fishy. I've been in markets before where the smell was too overwhelming and I've had to plug my nose!
Needless to say, in a couple of weeks when I'm back I would like to check out the market again, and possibly buy some of the produce. The fact that they still had fresh strawberries made me happy.
Strolling through the market reminded me a bit of home! On Saturday mornings in Peterborough there is a Farmer's Market that I like to go to sometimes. Although thankfully it is not as crowded as this one today was. But still, just wandering through and looking at all the local flavours is pretty neat. Despite it being a little chilly, it was quite enjoyable.

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