Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Monday

Well, it isn't actually Thanksgiving Monday, but there was still lots of goodness to be had!
The day started out, as any good day does, with a cup of coffee, followed by a much needed trip to do laundry. But back to coffee-- it is definitely something I will be packing in my suitcase when I return after Christmas! There just isn't the selection over here that there is in Canada. They have all these Tassimo type coffees, that are for special coffee makers. I really like Folger's Hazelnut, as well as trying new organic fair trade kinds from It's All Good in Port Elgin and Dream of Beans in Peterborough. Sadly, I probably won't make it to Ptbo, but Port Elgin's coffee is definitely comparable, and delicious! (if you're ever in Port... get a chai latte from It's All Good. Best. Chai. Latte. Ever).
Anyways, afterwards I grabbed some lunch at the caf, which was pretty delicious. In the afternoon, my friend and I planned to scope out the Christian Bookstore in town, but it was closed on Monday. So instead we went on a little adventure to find the Carrefour (like Wal Mart, but with produce) and mall on the island. We finally found it, and were quite overwhelmed with its size. We checked out a couple cool stores; one was a home decor place with some sweet little trinkets, and the other is hard to describe... it's like a little camping store meets outdoor toys meets cooking meets zen-inducing awesomeness. It was great... I smelled a lot of candles. I also found this sweet tool for finding constellations... I might have to go back for it. It would come in super handy at camp.
My friend bought some Madeleines (like little cakes) and nutella, and I bought Speculoos (SO GOOD) and we sat on the tram at ate the deliciousness. It was pretty great and we felt like awesome tourists.
In the evening, we went to a great Bible study. We were checking out John 6, the story of Jesus walking on water and why bad things happen to good people... a subject that never can be fully covered! But it was a good night. Our leader also brought croissants and home-made apple butter that his wife made. Yum!
The only downside to today is that our internet is really, really slow... thus making it impossible to use Skype to talk to my family tonight. Hopefully it will work tomorrow!
Good night everyone!

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