Thursday, October 13, 2011

Student Dining at its Finest

So last week, we heard a rumour that sounded way too good to be true. Apparently, if you wait in line for an hour or so on Thursdays, you can pay 1 euro (approx. $1.50) and receive a decent assortment of food. Today my friends and I decided to check it out, and found that it was actually legit!
Here's what I got for a single euro:
We got some cheese, some milk, a bag of pasta, a rice dish, 2 little shepherd's pies, potatoes, broccoli, and some bread. I mean, some of the stuff probably isn't the best quality (the cheese is like some EU handout) and I probably won't go every week (we waited for about 1.5 hours) but it was so cheap, it was totally worth it this time.
You have gotta love student food.
Speaking of food, I'm probably going to starve for a couple of weeks... I'm not going to buy food... I'm buying plane, train, bus, and hostel tickets instead! After 3 hours of intense searching, my two girlfriends and I booked some tickets for our reading break trip... we're going to Italy!!! I kind of feel like I'm living someone elses life at the moment... but I can't complain. It should be quite the time... we're going to see Pisa (think Leaning Tower), Florence, and Rome. I can't wait!

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  1. Wow! Can't wait to read about your Italian trip Nicole!! Have fun! Florence has always been a dream of mine.