Saturday, October 15, 2011

"They broke his face! Almost in half!"

Last night, I had a pleasure of attending my first "football" (soccer) game in France. It wasn't major league or anything... think the equivalent of the OHL in Ontario. Our lovely home team, Nantes, was battling against some city whose name I can't remember. Either was, it was a pretty good soccer game.
Despite the seats not being totally filled, the ambiance was awesome. So much cheering, jeering, chanting, singing, and booing. We all got in on the chants of "allez les jaunes," since our team wore yellow.
Luckily our team won, which kept the crowds happy. The longer the game went on, the more excited the crowd got and the more fun it was to watch.
I've never really been a huge soccer fan, or any kind of sports fan for that matter. The one sport that I don't mind watching, and in the case of the Olympics I love, is hockey. Pretty Canadian, but whatever. Anyways, my Dad always has told me about how wimpy soccer players are because they always go down whether they're hurt or not, in order to get a penalty for the other team. Well, Dad, now is the time to tell you that you're right. I actually found myself yelling at the players when they went down, telling them to pick themselves up and stop being such pansies! I couldn't believe how wimpy they were... my favourite one might have been the five second delayed reaction from this one player...
I did take a video, but it unfortunately won't load, so here are some pictures from the game:
thumbs up for soccer!

the crowd

allez les jaunes!

watching the game :)

get up, you pansy!!
Oh yes, I should probably explain the title of this post. When one of the players got swiped in the face, my friend Taryn yelled "they broke his face! almost in half" and I found it absolutely hilarious. That's all!
Today I went to St. Nazaire for a day trip, so I'll write about that tomorrow!

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