Monday, October 17, 2011

That's how you do Sunday.

Yesterday, I had the most fantastic Sunday! I feel like every Sunday should mirror it.
So what exactly made it so great? I will tell you!
First of all, my two friends and I went to church at 10:30, which is always fun. Unfortunately, the speaker for the day turned out to be incredibly hard to follow, a long-talker, and pretty boring. Even the main pastor was nodding off! It gave me time to think... haha.
Afterwards, we stuck around for an "Agape", which is like a pot-luck. John, Catherine, and I brought baguettes because we didn't know what else to bring... but never fear, there was so much food! There were even leftovers. The food was great too: salads, pasta, rice, chicken, potatoes... peanut curlies which I adore! And of course, bread. And dessert... which was amazing and there were far too many things to choose from! My favourite was probably the Tarte Tatin, which was like an apple tart. Very good.
We were under the impression that we would be hearing about where the church is going and its vision, but it was really just a meet-and-greet event. We each got a playing card and had to find another person with the same one, get to know them, and then introduce them. I got put with a French guy, but he disappeared during introductions so I didn't have to get up in front of everyone! We sat with some French people and then the students from Grove City College, who we ate with our very first time at the church  at the hamburger lunch! It was great to hang out with them again.
Afterwards, around 4pm, we decided that it was too nice of a day to spend inside. So the three of us and the other Americans met up in the field by our residence to play some ultimate Frisbee for a couple of hours. Now, I am a pretty pathetic athlete when it comes to organized sports, but luckily all of the guys (and a couple girls) were very encouraging and not too competitive. I had a great time!
The cherry on top of the day was probably Skyping my family for the first time in a couple weeks in the evening. My parents just got back from the Toronto half-marathon (congratulations!) but still managed to talk to me. It was great!
Overall, a fantastic day. Great community and fellowship all day long-- that's how Sunday's should be done!

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