Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Things...

Today is Tuesday! And it was not a very eventful day... but there were some cool things that happened!
First of all, we had to hike it downtown for our 9am class, which was kinda lame... but then we discovered a university caf just beside the building where our class was, and the line wasn't near as long as the one on the main campus! So that was a bonus.
Sadly I have been unable to find Being Erica online, so no inspirational thoughts today...
For my afternoon class, we watched the movie version of our book, "Journal d'une Femme de Chambre" by Octave Mirbeau. I am having a hard time slogging through the book, and the movie was equally as strange. I dunno... French literature is just something that I'm not used to. I find that it is written completely different from Canadian literature, so it is difficult to follow.
The one nice thing was that the film was older, therefore in black and white. Although sometimes old films can be boring, I love the way that they are filmed. There is little or no music or sound effects, but much more focus on visuals--the characters faces and expressions, the setting, the transitions (or lack thereof). It is so basic, so simple, compared to today's films, where if you look away for a second you pretty much miss the whole movie. So I really enjoyed a good old black and white!
This evening... not too much! A bit of homework, a final attempt to find Being Erica... and then maybe some reading for fun! I do miss that.
Tomorrow should be okay though! Run in the morning, some bank stuff (it never ends!), class, and then making spaghetti! Gooooo Wednesday!
Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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  1. Ugh, bank stuff in foreign countries. NOT FUN. Good luck!