Friday, March 9, 2012

Coeur de Pirate

Unbeknownst to me, until yesterday, it was International Women's Day! I felt kind of silly not knowing, but luckily I was told early on, so I had the thought with me throughout the day.
I think it is a great idea to have a day for women! I am not a feminist by any means, but women used to have it pretty bad. I took women's history last year and found it very enlightening. Even today in places around the world equality has not yet been achieved. So why not celebrate us for a day?
Anyways. How did I celebrate? Well, I had 2 classes. In between those classes, I went for lunch and a walk along the river. Then in the evening, a bunch of us went to see Coeur de Pirate in concert!
Now what is this "heart of a pirate" you are asking. In fact, it is BĂ©atrice Martin, a young woman who comes from Montreal! I had been listening to her music casually when one of our friends mentioned that she would be coming to Nantes soon. I went out and bought her new cd and have been listening to it ever since. It is fantastic! She is very talented both at singing and at playing the piano. Another fun fact is that she is pregnant! She does not want to make a big deal about it, so she has only mentioned it in one interview, but she would sometimes hold her little baby bump last night while singing, which was cute.
French crowds differed somewhat from the crowds I am used to back home... they are a little tamer. Nevertheless, it was a great evening!
Awesome opening act--wish we knew who she was!

Canada supporting Canada!

Playing the piano

It was a great evening!
Today it is a lovely sunny day here. I did some errands, went for a run, got groceries, and did some homework. Tonight a few of us are going out for crepes! Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Coeur de Pirate was great! The opener's name is Elisa Jo in case you wamt to look her up :)

  2. Ah thanks! I will look her up... see if she's on itunes!