Thursday, March 22, 2012

Let the Hunger Games begin!

Over the Christmas break, I bought the first Hunger Games book for my Kobo, on a recommendation from a couple of friends. While sitting in Pearson airport, I was reading. While sitting on the first plane, I was reading. While sitting on the second plane, I was... sleeping. Ok, I was tired! And what did I do for the next day? Kept reading until I was done. Then I bought the second and third books and read them too.
I am telling you, these books are awesome.
And surprisingly, unlike other runaway bestsellers like the Twilight series, these books actually have some substance. There are themes such as the danger of celebrity, the dangers of anarchy but also of communism, survival and what humans turn into when survival is at stake, a caution against technology, and the importance of having something to believe in and stand for. No sparkly vampires anywhere.
I really do love reading, but there are certain series that I get so consumed in that I cannot put them down. Well, there are two series. Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games. They might not be the most intellectual reads, but like I said, the Hunger Games does have some great points. And it is quite well-written with a good plot.
So imagine our delight that the movie for the first book came out in France on the 21st, rather than the 23rd like at home!! So you know what we did last night...

That's right, movie night!
Now, I won't go giving away details in case there are any fans out there who intend to see the movie, but I will say this: it was good. Of course they added in some parts and took others out, but overall they stuck very close to the book. And even though I had to watch it in French with different voices, I could tell that the actors were perfect for the roles. Especially the actress who plays the female lead, Katniss. Her emotions and expression are really amazing. At first, the weird camera angles threw me off, since they switched shots really quickly and were often very zoomed in. It got better though, and actually was quite impressive. What a good time! I can't wait for the second movie now. They set it up really well.
Today, we did some awesome homework and then had a very long philosophy class. Afterwards, we played soccer in the field for awhile, which was perfect after 3 hours of la pensée française.
And in weather news, it looks like it is going to be a gorgeous weekend! I've been jealous of weather at home for the past week, but not for long: 20 degrees and sunny this weekend! Awesome!

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