Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trivia Night

On St. Patrick's Day, I met a couple of guys who told me that on Tuesday nights at Fleming's, there is an english/french trivia night! Apparently it was really fun so last night after class my friends and I decided to head down. It turned out to be a great time! We were "The 'Eh' Team" (a clever slogan on the sweater's of one of our friends) and though we didn't win, we still had fun. The way it works is that everyone there puts a euro in the bucket, and the winning teams gets to split whatever is in the bucket. There were 4 rounds, and we did the best in the first round. I was particularly proud that I remembered Dorothy's last name from the Wizard of Oz (Gale). The second round was awful, as it had to do with sports, and the last one which had to do with science. Yes, the 6 Canadian French majors know everything about sports and science... NOT. I do wish my Dad had been there though, because I'm pretty sure we could have won with him. He knows a lot of random information. Too bad we couldn't phone a friend.

 Overall, a good night! Although it was weird to be downtown on a Tuesday. Not something that is going to happen next year.
We all agree on the fact that this is an incredible year, and that we are learning so much just being in France and Europe. Our classes are alright, but the workload is not at all what we are used to. Although I guess after 17 years of constant schooling, with the last 7 being particularly challenging and a ton of work, it is nice to have a year where we are not under too much stress. Goodness knows we won't get this again until... retirement! So we might as well enjoy it.
I just got back from a good walk and talk, and now I'm going to grab some groceries, work out, and do some homework. Tonight we are seeing the Hunger Games at the cinema and we are so excited!


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