Friday, March 30, 2012

End of a busy week = beach day!

I had intended to write something exciting for my 100th blog post, but I unfortunately passed it without noticing. I think this is 103 or something like that. Oops. Well anyways, happy 100th!
This week has been pretty uneventful, besides the fact that we had a few final projects, presentations, and essays due. Now they are all done and all we have are some exams this week, and then we are DONE. Hard to believe.
Last night, I went over to my host family's for my host mom's birthday. We had a great night and even had our aperatif outside, since it was so nice out!
Speaking of nice.
Today it was sunny, hot, and the ocean was calling our names. So, a few of us boarded a bus and headed off to the Pornic beach!

We got off at the wrong stop so we had to walk for a bit, but luckily the view was gorgeous. Once we reached the beach, we basically spent the whole day lying around. Which is actually really nice, because I don`t really do that in the summer, what with working at camp! Not to mention the fact that we were lying out in the sun at the end of March... no big deal. All I know is that my watch tan got a head start this year.
Loving the sun!

We did a bit of pilates near the water, and worked up a bit of sweat. I had mentioned that I really wanted to try getting in the water, but upon sticking my feet in they became instantly numb. It was frigid. Nevertheless, my crazy friend convinced me to run in with her. Just in and out. So we did. And yes, it was horribly cold. But quite satisfying! And salty. It completely cleared out my sinuses. Like a Neti pot (which is fantastic by the way, not gross, as some people seem to think!).

Victors of the ocean
I brought my Kobo and did a bit of reading, a bit of napping, and in general we just hung out. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the week, and especially the end of our big dossier project for language class. When we got back, I just had time to squeeze in a sunset run before getting ready for bed... I am exhausted! Too much vitamin D, I think.
Tomorrow I have another great day planned: heading over to the little fishing village across the river called Trentemoult to check it out, and then back to the host family to watch some basketball and have dinner.
Oh, and today marks another strange milestone... it is officially 1 month until I will be home! It is very crazy to think about. So I just won`t think about it. I will, however, think about how I get to see my parents next Saturday!!! Cannot wait!!!

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