Sunday, March 11, 2012


Crepes are one of the specialties of the Bretagne region, where Nantes is (well technically it is in the Pays de la Loire but everyone here wants to be part of Bretagne again). Anyways. Because of this, it is very easy to find creperies in Nantes. I have seen many, but I have actually only been to one: Creperie Heb Ken. I have been there 3 times because it is just so good!
Eating the delicious crepes
I always had gotten the same crepe before: mushroom, ham, and cheese. This time I decided to be different. There are literally about 100 crepe combinations you can get. And that is not even including the dessert crepes. It's amazing. I'm bringing my parents here. So this time, all four of us got the same kind of crepe: potato, ham, and cheese. It was like eating raclette, one of our favourite french meals. Raclette is like the best melted cheese on a potato with meat. It sounds boring, but it is sooooo good. Anyways, the crepe was awesome and we also got some cidre to go with it. Cidre is another Breton favourite, and it is quite delicious. You drink it out of little bowls!! For dessert, the four of us split 2 dessert crepes. Michelle and I split a crepe au caramel beurre salé. Salted caramel butter, another Breton specialty. It's SO good.
As you can tell, my evening was quite good. The next day I went for a nice long run to work it all off, haha.
And since then it has been a pretty chill weekend! Did some homework, worked on camp-stuff, went downtown, went out, ran, Bible study... yeah, not too much to report. I am ridiculously tired though, and have placement tomorrow (I think) so I'm going to peace out. Have a great Monday everyone!

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