Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunny Weekend Days...

I really don't understand my keyboard sometimes. Why must it delete my posts when I am almost finished? Why? And why must it save a blank page rather than a finished post? WHYYYYYY!!!!!
Anyways. Start again.
The weather has continued to be absolutely gorgeous these past few days, so we have been trying to get outside as much as possible. On Saturday, we went downtown before kayaking to check out a bit of the manifestation, and it was crazy! So many people were there. And farmers were a part of the strike, so there were tractors and cows. And people trying to plant trees on the main street. Big parades, lots of music, people on loud-speakers... the works! Oh, and riot police of course. We didn't hang around long, and I unfortunately didn't bring my camera, but I'm trying to get pictures from a friend of mine to post here. It was the biggest protest I have ever seen! The whole downtown was basically shut down because store owners didn't want to be vandalized. The unfortunate part was the aftermath: when we went out that night, we got to witness all of the graffiti and general destruction that people caused. It is too bad that people can't protest without making a mess of everything!

orange spray paint all over a bank
Needless to say, it was rather exciting!
Like I said, after that we did a bit of kayaking again, which was lovely as always. This time was particularly funny because two of my friends decided to switch boats in the middle of the river and one of them fell in, with many rowers watching. We almost died laughing. After our kayaking, we were famished so we had an early picnic dinner on the front lawn of one of the residences and threw around a frisbee. Loving the good weather! We also got to witness the best prank played on one of our friends... I won't go into detail, but it was seriously amazing.
In the evening we went out, which was quite tiring because it was daylight savings time, but it was our last night going dancing so it was worth it. And the music was great! And I was still pretty productive on Sunday; did my philosophy essay, went for a walk, did grammar homework, and had Bible study.
After Bible study, I chatted briefly with my family since my grandparents were over for my brothers birthday. It was really neat chatting with them, because they had never used Skype before. My Grandpa Hunter just could not get over how he could see me face-to-face when I'm across the ocean. In his own words, "mind-boggling." It made me think about how crazy it must be for him (he's in his 70s) to be experiencing this kind of technology. I mean, even my parents didn't have computers growing up, and he had very minimal technology. I doubt that they even had a TV. So to see how far we have grown in technology must be mind-boggling! It makes me terrified for when I am that old... how much technology will change by then. I already get irritated with new technology!
Today it was very hard to be inside due to to gorgeous weather, but I did get some work done. I basically alternated between working and getting out. Run, homework, walk, homework, read in the park, homework, frisbee, homework. It was a good day. Tomorrow we have class... it is our second last week. I can't believe how the time flies! I have probably said that a million times in my posts...

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