Thursday, March 1, 2012

Favourite Photos from Spain

So my whole post just got deleted. Love that. I dunno, my keyboard sometimes has a mind of its own... like it will recognize some random combination of keys and take me to a new tab or delete all that I have written. Blarg.
Anyways. Recommence.
This post will be devoted to some of my favourite photos of Spain, so that if you haven't seen some of my pictures on facebook already you can see them here. I also am not writing much because I am getting ready to head out tomorrow... to Paris! This is the big race weekend. Luckily I will have wifi at the apartment we are renting, so I can give a little post on how I'm feeling the day before the run and then maybe an update after! I really can't wait... this has been quite a few months in coming, so it will be great to finally accomplish it! And the weather looks alright, about 10 degrees and either sunny with cloudy periods or cloudy with isolated showers. I am crossing my fingers for the first one.
Anyways, here are the photos!

The amazing Montserrat!

Incredible views

Looking out over the view

The unfortunate surprise snail tapas...

Sangrada Familia, always under construction

The wacky Park Guell

Another part of the park

Beautiful Barcelona beaches. We even saw some surfers!
Trying churros dipped in chocolate. They were ok... not as incredible as everyone says!
Discovering a HUGE market. Tasting a coconut and blackberry smoothie... yum!
Awesome park in Malaga... ships used to be able to dock for free if they brought a plant from their homeland for the park
Malaga beach

Main pedestrian street in Malaga

Admiring the view of the city.
Welcome to Sevilla! The amazing cathedral.
Some of Sevilla's beautiful and interesting architecture.

On our awesome tapas tour.
Plaza de Espanya. So beautiful!
Flemenco dancer!
In the park on a hot and sunny day!
Wearing our new Flemenco aprons at the Plaza de Espanya
I found a peacock at the palace and stalked it for awhile.
Inside the palace, at the gardens
Goodbye Sevilla! The cathedral at dusk (my favourite time of day)
So there you have it! Now I am off to pack... getting ready for tomorrow :D

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