Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sunshine, Bread, and Visitors from Canada

I have heard that lately Ontarians are getting a lovely bout of Spring. Let's just hope it's not fake Spring, although I can't say you have really had much of a winter either. Here in Nantes we have also been enjoying gorgeous weather, with sunshine and temperatures around 15-18 degrees. I like it!
One of my favourite times of the day is the evening, when the sun is just starting to dip low in the sky. It is so much better when dusk is accompanied by warm weather too. Last night I ended up going for a super long walk right during dinner time, so I stopped by the bakery that we visited to buy some bread. I bought the seed one and it was delicious! I completely intended on eating half the baguette and saving the rest for later, but instead I ate the whole thing. I was not hungry the whole night. Thank goodness the walk was a long one!
Today we have our typical class, but our philosophy class had something exciting: a visit from our French professor at Trent! He is in Nantes this week for a conference and so he was doing a guest presentation on surrealism, specifically the writer Jacques Breton. It was interesting, and it was also nice to see a familiar face from home.
After class, it was so gorgeous out that we got together with some of the Americans for a game of soccer. A few Spanish guys joined in too. I am absolutely terribly at soccer, but had fun running up and down the field (or standing around watching... or squealing like a 13 year old girl whenever I had the ball...).  All in all it was great to be outside! I took the long way home and went for a short jog.
Tomorrow we have the day off, so I believe I am doing a bit of kayaking on the lovely river in the afternoon. Back on the water in March! So fantastic. I am also decorating shirts for St. Patrick's Day with my friend. We bought a lot of green gear in honour of the day. I'm glad that green is my favourite colour! Then in the evening I am going to visit my host family for the first time in about a month... we have both been busy so I am looking forward to seeing them again. We are going to share photos from our trips... mine from Spain and Paris, and theirs from skiing in the Alps.
On a completely random side note, I discovered that you can download Vinyl Cafe podcasts from Guess what I listen to while working out and then while eating lunch?? The best.
Enjoy the sunshine!

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