Sunday, April 1, 2012

Trentemoult and Basketball Champions

Today is Sunday, and I will be fully participating in the day of rest. I went to church this morning, will be hanging around doing homework, going for a walk, and doing laundry this afternoon, and Bible studying tonight. It is beautiful and sunny, but not very warm out. It seems that we had a really hot week and now it is going to cool down just a bit. That's ok though! It will still be sunny.
Yesterday I had another fantastic day. My friend Ruth and I took a little trip to Trentemoult, which is actually very close to downtown Nantes. It is on the island across the river, so to get there we had to take a little boat called the Navibus. I actually visited Trentemoult with my host family at the beginning of the year, but it was nice to return when it was sunny. It is an old fishing village, and the houses are just gorgeous. We also had a really nice crepe lunch.
Old LU building

I loved the flowers

Mini street!

Yum :)

Boats on the sand at low tide

On the Navibus back downtown
We had a great time!
In the evening, I headed back to my host family's. I watched a very intense basketball game played by their eldest daughter, Julie. It was the championship match so people were very into the game. There was lots of yelling. It was also a very close match that actually ended up in overtime, so it was a lot of fun. They ended up winning so everyone was really thrilled. Afterwards, we went back to their house for dinner. We did not start eating the main course until almost 10pm! I am definitely getting used to eating later though, compared to my usual early dinner times when at home. We had a good meal and good conversation.
Overall I am loving the sunshine, and hope that it stays for my parents, who will arrive in Paris on Wednesday. And this is my last week of class for third year... how ridiculous is that????

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