Monday, April 2, 2012

And so, the final week of class.

Yes, it is very difficult to believe, but I only have 12 hours of class left in France. Where on earth did my third year of university go??? I honestly can't believe that next year will be my last year of undergrad. Scary.
Anyways, this week has a lot of great things on the agenda. Tomorrow we have class and then I am going to see my host family again, Wednesday we have one class and then are all going out for crepes in the evening. Thursday, we have another class and then we are having a big soirée at our beloved Fleming's Irish Pub, where the fantastic bartenders (part of our Canadian group) have arranged some live music. It will be our last night all together, so it will be pretty fun. Friday will consist of a run... and then some major spring cleaning and packing! The cleaning is because the next time I will be in my room, my parents will probably be with me. And they need to see it clean, not in its current state... but then, Saturday I will be up nice and early to catch a plane to meet my PARENTS! They are coming!!! They leave tomorrow! I can't wait!

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