Friday, April 27, 2012


Yikes. Suddenly, it is Friday! How did that happen?
Yet again, I thought that my last week was going to drag on. But nope, it has flown by. I will try to recount what has happened!
On Tuesday, I had another great sleep-in (so unlike me... it needs to stop happening) and then I accompanied my friend to LeClerc to chop off all her hair!! So much fun. She was really nervous, but her short hair looks so awesome. Plus, she got to give her family and friends a surprise when she returned.
In the afternoon, I walked around with Siobhain and her visiting sister, and we saw the typical Nantes sights... cathedral, castle, the usual.
On Wednesday, my friend Louise from Angers came to visit me and we were lucky to have some really nice weather for the day. We had crepes for lunch and then I showed her the city. It was awesome to catch up before I left, and we made sure to say "see you soon" rather than "goodbye." We found that 4 years passed by surprisingly fast, so whether we see each other in Canada or France next time, it will be here before we know it.
I guess yesterday was Thursday! I started packing in the morning, and then went back to the public school to hang out with the kiddies again. They were even crazier this time! But still super cute, so I quite enjoyed myself. I was exhausted after only three hours with them... I honestly don't know how primary teachers do it. So much respect.
Then I PACKED my room up last night, determining that I have too many clothes and too much STUFF in general. I don't know where it all came from. This morning I had to cart all my stuff downstairs to Michelle's room, where I am staying until Sunday. My suitcases are packed and I still have stuff strewn about the room. Some of it is garbage, some of it is going to have to find a home asap... Then, I did a mad clean of my room and was pretty impressed with the outcome. Apparently it wasn't up to standard though, because I missed some dust a had to re-do some parts for the cleaning people. Embarrassing.
Now for the rest of the day!
I don't have much planned. I'm hoping to go for a run once my lunch digests, because it has been a week since my last run (!!!!!!) which is just unacceptable. Then I might just chill... watch a movie, whatever. Tomorrow I'll hang out with Siobhain for a bit, since we are the only ones left! I might take some time to write a bit more though. I bought a notebook, that I thought I would write in tons these last two weeks but I haven't written a thing. So maybe it is the time to write...
Anyways, whew. What a crazy week and crazy day.

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