Wednesday, April 11, 2012

St. Malo et Le Mont St. Michel

Another wonderful day with my parents and my old host family!
After a day of lots of rain and then a day with a lot of driving, we had lovely weather today and Mr. Ammeux drove, so my Dad could rest a bit. We set out around 9am for St. Malo, a little city on the water that was one of my favourites last time. Though it was windy, it was also sunny and very beautiful. It was high tide when we arrived and the waves were huge!
Dad and the Sea!
We had a great time chatting and walking along the fortified walls of the city. The view was incredible. The water was turquoise and like I said, very turbulent. There were some kids though, wearing wetsuits and lifejackets, playing in the waves before their sailing lesson. Crazy!
We continued walking along the water, and saw the statue of Jacques Cartier. He found our lovely country of Canada many years ago, via the St. Laurence River. He was from St. Malo, hence the statue.
After, we found some lunch at a little creperie and my parents had their first taste of galettes and real French crepes! I think they really enjoyed them. We were all very full afterwards.
Crepe time!
Mom and Dad with the fortified city
After St. Malo, we set off for the stunning Mont St Michel. If I had my brochure I would tell a fantastic history about it, but I am pretty tired and also can't find it. So here is the condesned version! Mont St. Michel began construction around the 10th century, but wasn't finished until about the 18th. It is an Abbey and village constructed on a giant rock that juts out of the sea, around which there are lots of strong tides. You can see for miles on the Mont, and since it was clear it was beautiful.
Mom and Dad

Dad and I
We spent a few hours wandering through the village and eventually viewing the huge abbey. It was gorgeous. The last time I was here was in 2008, and that time it was very rainy. So this time, I felt very lucky to have sun and I found it much more impressive! I also didn't realize that people actually live on the rock in small houses. Of course, it costs a lot and you always have tourists near you, but for some it has been their home for years. The houses are beautiful too. The Abbey was very big, and there are still monks who live near it and who practice their rituals at Mont St. Michel. We saw one praying in a chapel. It was pretty neat.
Windy! Dad, Camille, Elisabeth, Mom

Goodbye Mont St. Michel
After a long day, it was about 6pm when we left Mont St. Michel. We got back on the road and had a bit of a detour but made it back to Le Mans just after 8pm. It was a fantastic day, with great weather and great company. My parents really loved it too.
When we got back, Claire and Laure had once again prepared appetizers and dinner for us. We looked at some pictures that Benoit took while we had our appetizer, then sat down to eat. They made us quiche lorraine and ratatouille. It was delicious!
The two families
All in all, we had a wonderful day and are really enjoying being with the Ammeux family. They have been so kind and serving to us and we feel very fortunate to have a French family to travel with. It is nice not to just do the touristy thing.
Tomorrow, we are heading off to see the castles of Cheverny and Chenonceau, and staying near the second one. Then on Friday, I finally get to show my parents Nantes!

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