Tuesday, April 17, 2012

La Rochelle with Mom and Dad

Well, as I write this, I am back in Nantes! My parents dropped me off at the train station today and were on their way back to Paris; they will fly back to Canada tomorrow. It was sad to see them go, as we had a really great trip together. I wish they could have stayed longer so that they could see more of France! But I think the trip has convinced them to come back and see what they missed!
So I will recap our time in La Rochelle and then put up some photos of our stay.
It was definitely a great way to end the vacation. La Rochelle was very laid back, we didn't do much, and though it wasn't hot it was very sunny. On Sunday we just walked around the harbour, had a beer at the Irish Pub, had dinner, and enjoyed our nice hotel. On Monday, we went on a nice long walk to another beach and took in the sights. Then we went back to the pub because we could sit outside in the sun. My Dad had another pint while my mom and I went shopping. I bought one shirt, but my mom bought a whole outfit that looks great on her. Now she will have a French outfit! Always a good souvenir. We went back to out hotel for a bit of wine from the winery, and then went out for our last dinner. We had another delicious meal. And more great conversation! As my parents pointed out, this is the most they have seen me in a long time. It was good to spend lots of time with my parents.
So clearly, we had a relaxing couple of days. But after all the sights we saw, it was nice not to have a plan! I think everything about this trip was fantastic (though Vimy could've used less rain...) and it was awesome to be able to also see my two host family's and share that experience with my parents.
Now I have about a week and a half before coming home! Weird!!! I have some things planned, but will also be enjoying unstructured time... before the craziness begins! I have a staff training weekend for camp, 15-day placement in May, a wedding, and moving to camp at the beginning of June... then onto 4th year! So I will enjoy the break while it lasts :)

Meal in La Rochelle

Harbour lights

Harbour in the sun!


view from the top of the tower


Fishy entree!
Last night meal!

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