Friday, April 6, 2012

Cheers to the year, and the people who made it wonderful!

Well, last week of school. Last week of third year. Last week all together as a Trent-Waterloo group.
That is an awful lot of lasts! But the wonderful thing is that all of those lasts will be sending us into the future with a better understanding of ourselves and the world we live in. Oh, and French too!
Since it was the last week, we tried to make the most of every evening. We also wrote a lot of final exams. They all went well though.
On Tuesday night, I went to my host family's for dinner and we had this awesome leek/ham/mushroom tart. Yum. I also helped Melanie out with some English homework. It never ceases to amaze me how little I actually know about the English language... so many questions I actually had to think before answering; not about the correct answer but about how to explain it to someone else. I'm sure I will learn all about it when I start teaching French!
Trying to get a picture of everyone. Kinda failed. Others succeeded though!

Wednesday night, almost all of the gang went out for crepes at the Creperie Jaune. They were delicious, but so huge. It was a bit too much. But you know, so tasty.
Checking out the menu

Always eat crepes with cidre

Om nom nom! So massive.
We had a great evening all together, sharing a meal and causing a raucous. We are so loud ALL the time. Of course there were many hilarious stories to be told, and memories to be shared from the year. It was a blast.
And finally, last night. We all booked it down to our favourite Fleming's for some live Irish music and to spend one last night all together. I think everyone had a really great time.  There were many memorable moments, but for me the best part was being about to look around at all the people that I have shared this past year with and realize that they made the experience what it was. So many people I had never met or didn't know well came to be some of my best friends. The class was incredible, and I know that while we won't all be together again in the same situation, we will run into each other and we will be a part of each others lives, in one way or another. It can be really difficult to say goodbye, knowing that things will never be the same again, and even harder when you are saying goodbye to something really special. But I think that the best thing to do is to keep your memories close and use them to guide you in the future. It was a fantastic year, but I know that there will be many more fantastic years to come. And maybe some that aren't so fantastic. But hey, that's life and that's what makes it beautiful.

So here is a big cheers to 22 wonderful Canadians who I got to share an amazing year with. I hope and pray that everyone will find happiness wherever life takes them, and that someday we will all meet again.
Bon voyage!
End sentimental post...

Oh yeah... and tomorrow I get to see my parents!!!!! Life is good.

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