Saturday, April 14, 2012

Montrichard Winery and Arrival in Nantes

Well, I am currently sitting at my desk in Nantes! Not for long, as we leave for La Rochelle tomorrow, but it is nice to be back for a bit.
After a wonderful sleep in our little room, we woke up for another delicious meal--breakfast! It was too good. The owners had about 8 different kinds of homemade jams, ranging from fig caramel nut, myrtille berry, and apricot, to tomato zuccinni. They were all delicious. My parents also got to try Brioche for the first time, which is a sweet bread made with milk. They loved it.
After breakfast, we unfortunately had to say goodbye to the Ammeux family, as we were heading towards Nantes and they were heading back to Le Mans. We were sad to say goodbye, but know that we will see each other again someday. Who knows when, but it will happen.
Open door leads to our room

The B&B

We got on the road, but thanks to a recommendation from a man staying at the B&B, we stopped at a Montrichard winery not too far away before we left. It was really beautiful. A bit high up, it was under a castle and looked over a valley, so the scenery was beautiful. We took a tour of the caves, which in total span 15km! We had a guide, thank goodness, or else we would have been completely lost. It was really fun to see the wine making process. And of course, we bought some wine to take back with us and also as gifts.
Bottles and bottles of wine in the fermentation process

Mom and I wine tasting

Parents with our purchases and the beautiful scenery
After a bit of a drive, we arrived in Nantes! Once we got in the city I was gripping my Dad's seat constantly, as the driving was complicated, even with the GPS. I was happy to finally arrive at their hotel. After my parents settled in, they finally got to see my room. They thought it was pretty small and don't know how I lived here all year!
After getting a few groceries, we headed downtown for dinner. On the way, I showed them Place Royale and the Passage Pomeraye. Then we ate at the Heb Ken creperie and it was delicious as usual.
Place Royale

We had a lovely evening. After dinner we went for a nice walk to wear off our dinner. Then my parents headed home for an early sleep!
In not too long, I am meeting my parents to go for a run so that I can show them where I run in Nantes. Then we will have a picnic lunch somewhere and I will show them the castle, the cathedral, and anything else interesting that I can think of. In the evening, we are going to my host family's house for dinner! Should be fun!

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