Monday, April 23, 2012

Crazy French Kiddies

This afternoon, after a lovely sleep-in that involved lots of resetting my alarm, I went over to my host mom`s school  to spend some time in her class to see how a French elementary school works. I had a lot of fun and the kids were super cute!
After battling the nasty storm that has been brewing all day, I made it to the school. They don't have a playground with grass, just concrete, but the kids seemed to have fun regardless. I was wearing my pink raincoat, and pinned on it I have 5 pins that I collected at Vimy Ridge and Juno Beach. I had no idea how much of a distraction these pins would be... the kids would not leave me alone! They wanted a pin, they wanted to know what different pins meant, where I got them from, how they stayed on, etc. They are quite the inquisitive bunch!!
The first had gym class, then storytime, recess, and some reading and colouring. One thing I noted was that they kids did not get out of school until about 4:45... what a long day for such young children. I had a blast though.
So like I said, these kids were so curious. I think it was partly because it is there first day back after a two week vacation, but they were crazy! Asking so many questions. But it was good seeing kids wanting to know more, even if they were a little wild about it today. They also all wanted to know how to pronounce their names in English and found it hilarious to hear me say them. I got to listen to them read some passages and also helped them out with their work, like if they didn't know how to spell a word. Pretty typical for 7-year olds. The fun part, though, was that it was all in French! I definitely had to listen closely so that I could understand what they were saying, and I even had to explain a couple small pronunciation points. My favourite part was listening to them speak French, especially when they used the typical French words and phrases like "ohhhlalalalala" and "c'est pas possible!". It was a great way to spend the afternoon and I think I will go back one other time this week! Why not?
In other news, in one week I will be on a plane home to Canada!!

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