Sunday, April 22, 2012

Second Last Weekend!

So I left my parents on Tuesday, and literally thought I would be bored out of my mind for a few days until my friends returned. Luckily I have been keeping decently busy, running, visiting with friends, getting some administrative stuff done... and the days are just flying by!
Since I have written, I have been back to La Cigale with my friend (and roomie) Michelle for the BEST hot chocolate ever. It seriously is amazing. And I finally got a snapshot of the interior of La Cigale as well!

So beautiful!
On Saturday, I went over to my host family's for lunch and then we went on an awesome little hike. We drove to a little village not far from Nantes to check out a place where my host parents often went hiking when they were younger. You are technically not allowed in the area, but everyone goes anyways. There is an old ruined castle that was never finished. It started to be built around the time of the French Revolution, but the owner stopped the construction when his daughter drowned in the Loire River. Now, it is just a shell of a castle, but very beautiful and with a fantastic view of the valley.
Plus, it was so great to be in the country in some fresh air!
Old house in the village

The Loire

Faux chateau

Watching the storm roll in
Today I mostly just took it easy, played some music with some friends and went for a nice walk. Tomorrow, I am going to my host mom's school to visit her class, which will be really fun and something great to do. This week I am looking forward to a few visits from friends, especially my friend Louise who is coming to visit on Wednesday. I visited her in Angers back in November, so we are looking forward to hanging out again. I also will be doing some running, some shopping for gifts, and attempting to pack up my room! Oh, and saying goodbye to some of my friends who are leaving on Wednesday!
I can't believe that in one week tomorrow, I will be on a plane home. I thought these last few weeks would pass by slowly, but I can see that I was wrong. They are flying! Just like the rest of the year! And pretty soon I will be back in Canada, enjoying being Canadian again and hearing English all the time. Hopefully the weather warms up a bit!!!

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