Sunday, September 11, 2011


Here in France, pretty much everything is closed on Sundays except for the church. It's really quite nice!
 A little background before I start my post for today: at the camp I work at in the summer, we always share where we're going and what we need prayer for at the end off the summer. For me, I requested prayer to find a community of Christians that I could be with here in France, since I know that it is difficult to find. Well, difficult I suppose unless you pray for it!
This morning, I decided to try out the Protestant Baptist Church down the street. When I walked in with a couple other girls, we saw some people our age and went to introduce ourselves. Turns out, they're American! Most were here with a school program through their university in Pennsylvania. One is in my rez building and one is also here with a missions group. We were invited to to the American house for lunch, which was burgers, carrotts, and potato salad. Pretty good! The Americans put fried eggs on their burgers... it was very strange!
They were all really nice, and it turns out that there is a Bible study for Young Adults tomorrow night, so I plan on going.
Just goes to show what a little prayer can do :)


  1. Hi Nicole,

    Just getting caught up on all your adventures. Hope you have an amazing year!

  2. Wow, I'm so happy that your prayers were answered, Nicole! When I lived in Moscow I know that just finding a church meant so much to me; that familiarity and sense of home made living in a foreign country a little less strange! Not to mention it sounds like you've already got a great group of friends. I'm really looking forward to following your blog this year - keep up the awesome writing and adventures! :)