Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Grass is Greener...

... on the other side of a presentation!
After spending the better part of yesterday working on my project, I finally presented today and got it over with. Whew! It actually went not too badly, either. I felt extremely relieved.
Last night was the first time that I have ever stayed up past 11pm working on a project. I'm usually organized and efficient and good at time managing... not so much in the last couple of days. At least I now know what it is truly like to be a university student! Haha... I think I'll stick to my old ways.
Because of said presentation, I haven't really done too much recently. However, as of about 2 hours ago, a few other girls and I are going to La Rochelle this weekend! It is a coastal town about 2 hours south of Nantes, and is apparently very beautiful. One of my friends was told by her host family that it was worth seeing, so we're going to check it out! We have our train booked for Saturday morning, coming back Sunday evening. It should be a lot of fun! Pictures will definitely be coming :)
I also treated myself tonight by watching the season premier of "Being Erica" online. Being Erica is a show on CBC, completely produced by Canadians, acted by Canadians, and even takes place in Toronto. Now before I sound like too much of a nationalist (although I do kinda love Canada... a lot), I just have to say that this show is actually amazing. Literally every episode teaches you something or makes you think. It has everything: drama, compelling characters, humour, love, tension, etc etc. It is truly the best show I have ever watched on television. Granted, I'm not a huge TV buff, but I know a good story when I see/hear one. If you have never watched Erica, I believe CBC has all the shows archived. I would highly recommend checking it out!
And my night ended off quite well with the devouring of ├ęclairs! They were tasty.
Well, I might actually get to bed early tonight (what is this?) and I will be running tomorrow morning. So take care!

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