Friday, September 23, 2011

The Good Life

Not too much has happened this week. It really has been a fairly chill week. Some of my friends headed out yesterday for the beautiful coastal town of St. Malo, but I chose to stay since I've already seen the town. Plus, this morning I am meeting my famille d'acceuille and going to visit a winery! I'm very much looking forward to that.
Yesterday, after finally handing in my papers for the carte de sejour, I spent some time reading in the library for a presentation on Tuesday. Why I chose to present so early, I'll never know. At least I'll get it over with! Now I just need to research some more and figure out what I'm going to say. Sunday and Monday, meet presentation!
After that, I went on another excursion to the grocery store to find items needed for mac and cheese, which I will be making tonight and peanut butter pancakes, which will be devoured tomorrow. We will be documenting both endeavors, but particularly tomorrow morning, since I've never actually made pancakes before. My dad makes really good pancakes, so I've never had to! Oh yeah, and we found Maple Syrup. All brands were products of Canada, so we'll find out if they taste like real Canadian Maple Syrup!
We also found this frying pan, which is shaped like a bear's head and made me pretty happy...
After the excursion, I spent the next few hours hanging out in a park with some bread, jam, cheese, and wine. It was wonderful to relax, hang out, chat about life, and eat delicious French food (the fresh stuff is super cheap, too!).
I am finding myself starting to relax in the midst of a culture that never really seems in a hurry the way that North American culture is. I've always been incredibly busy, but over here things just seem to go with the flow. And I'm beginning to be able to go with the flow as well!
More later today about the winery and mac and cheese fiesta!

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  1. Good luck with the pancakes and the presentation prep! Love this post - you really describe the French laissez-faire way of life perfectly, I almost feel like I was in that park relaxing in the sun and eating bread! :)

    My friend spent some time living in Italy and told me about an expression they use all the time there: la dolcezza di fare niente = the sweetness of doing nothing! It sounds like something us North Americans need to remember more often!