Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Street Music, Sunshine, and Slushies

Since I don't have class until later this afternoon, I took advantage of the good weather after lunch and went downtown. I did have some purpose in going: I needed to get cash out of the bank and activate my French bank card. Of course, I forgot my PIN so I couldn't actually activate my account... oh well.

I'm not sure what the weather is up to at home, but here it is absolutely gorgeous and is supposed to stay this way for most of the next few days and the weekend. It is about 25 degrees and sunny, and I am loving it. It may be summer's last hoorah, but that's fine with me. I remember that last summer we had a very hot and humid season, which switched instantly to cooler weather in September and never re-emerged until mid-June. So I am really appreciating the warmth.

I absolutely love strolling around the city. One of my favourite parts of cities are the street musicians. On any given corner, you might find someone playing the violin or accordion, looking for a bit of spare change from people passing by. I don't know what it is, but I just always want to stop and listen to the musicians. There is something about music which I believe brings people together. It's like there is a moment where two people, from two completely different walks of life, are able to share in something that we humans have been creating for centuries. On Sunday, we passed by a woman playing the accordion and I was struck by how content she looked. I mean, she probably did not have very many assets, but she was absolutely loving her music. It just shows you how the simple things in life can truly bring you happiness, and when we stop and look around us, we can find contentment! Not in the busyness, but in the spaces between... like Debussy (I think it was him) said: "music is also the space between the notes."

Last night on "Being Erica", Erica mused about how cool it is when you find yourself lost in a crowd of people, but how you can still feel united with the crowd. That is what I felt today, walking down the streets of France, basking in the sunshine and drinking a Slushy (don`t usually buy them, but it was hot!). I felt like just another person in the city, but at the same time I was enjoying the sunshine just as much as everyone else. Simple things, like sunshine and music, can really make you feel good. They also remind me of who created us, and how we are made to fit together, even when we`re strangers.

So I hope that wherever you are, the weather is wonderful as well :)

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