Saturday, September 10, 2011


So, for those of you who know French, you may be familiar with the term "laissez-faire." Or, maybe you have heard of "laissez-faire" economics or politics. Basically, it means "let it be" or "come what may"; a very easy-breezy attitude.
This is how I would describe French life, and more importantly, French administration.
Everything is slower and less hurried than in Canada. Everyone is late for everything, and people love their time off and lunch breaks!
We were supposed to get our student cards yesterday so that we could get internet and pay our rez deposit, but we arrived too late and couldn't do anything, because everything seems to close around 3-4pm. The grocery store down the street closes at 7:45pm, which is very early!
Nothing is ever really planned,and we do most things spontaneously. For those of you who know me well, you know that I like things planned out. So this is very different for me! I'm enjoying the change though.
 Last night, a few of us Canadians were eating in the kitchen, and over the next few hours, the room became full of international students! We had to leave because the kitchen closed, and someone led us to a random park near another residence. No plan, just "laissez faire!" We were invited to join the other "internationals" (I'm international, haha!) for a trip to the beach today. We were supposed to catch a bus at 9:30am, which we of course missed by 5 minutes so we had to wait a couple hours for the next bus... which we missed because it was too full. But the tickets were super cheap, and we can use them whenever.
We then split up, because traveling around with 20-something people is crazy! Four of us Canadian girls and our new friend, Alexis from Finland, decided to check out the local castle (yep, local castle!) called Le Chateau des Ducs. Up above is a picture of us four girls sitting in front of the castle. Alexis was kind enough to be our photographer for the day!
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