Thursday, September 15, 2011

Happy 50th!

A big shout out to my French university, which is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year!
For the 50th, there was a big festival-type thing this evening at the Hippodrome. There were several artists and many vendors. They were also selling the grossest beer ever... I don't know how people were paying for it, let alone drinking it!
I didn't arrive until the last act, which was apparently good because they were the best one.
Before that, I took a little trip to Ikea. It was quite enjoyable, especially since my Ikea buddy also likes sitting on every couch to find the most comfortable one. We sat on a lot of couches. We also discovered soft ice cream at the exit for only 0, 50 euros! You paid for the cone, got a token, and then set the cone in this contraption so that it could put the ice cream in. I thought it was pretty cool.
But back to the concert! It wasn't as loud as some Canadian concerts are (thank goodness) and I actually really enjoyed the last band. I can't really describe their music, as it was kind of a mix of many different styles. There was this huge area that was under tents for the vendors and concert, and you had to go through a security station where they patted some people down and searched purses. I guess that's good? Means nothing sketchy is getting through? Many of the vendors were selling food or random goods... there was also some insurance companies for students there. I suppose it's a good place to go, but it seemed oddly out of place. It was a strange event, but I'm glad that I went!
Tomorrow, after finally giving in a buying a coffee maker, we're going to go to a football (soccer) match in the evening! I've never been to a professional soccer game before. And since it's for our city, we have to wear our city colours (green, yellow, and something else I think??)
And for all of you who are wondering where the work comes in... I actually got assigned homework today in philosophy, plus I have to sort out a 5th course. So I promise, I'm actually doing some school!


  1. Nothing sketchy getting through like...your pocket knife? ;)

  2. HAHA... yeah... about that.. awkward! :P