Sunday, September 18, 2011

Discotheque... and Church!

Last night, I had my first experience going to a French Discotheque. A Discotheque is like a dance club, but different than in Canada. There is a real DJ, crazy lights and other effects machines, and ridiculous lines to get in. I really wanted to see what one was like, so a bunch of us decided to go last night, since one of the girls found free tickets online. For this particular discotheque, it is usually 30 euros just to get in (that's about a $40 cover). We were really fortunate to get the tickets!
Now, I am not one who really goes out on the town much, let alone stays up much past midnight. Last night was definitely an adventure!
First off, some of us got separated from some of the other Canadians because they didn't get off at the right tram stop. Luckily, we all had "safety buddies" who we were sticking with, and mine got off with me at the right stop. Whew!
After cutting in line (the hugest line I've seen for a dance club), we managed to get inside around 12:30. So late! It was very different than places in Canada. Like I said earlier, there is actually a real DJ... and this night, it just so happened that the most famous DJ in Europe was the host. So crazy! I was actually really impressed with his work. It was really interesting!
I naturally assumed my role of making sure that everyone was safe and with the group. Luckily I had some help this time, from another friend.
Our little group- some Canadians, an American, some Italians... so international!

A few of us finally decided to leave around 3:45am... like I said, so unlike me! Anyways, we were getting tired so we caught the late bus back to an area near our rez.
Even though I didn't get much sleep, I woke up at 9am, had some coffee and headed off to church! The sermon was really good and easy to follow, so I was quite content. I also knew some of the songs, which is really cool when you know them in English but sing them in French. I find it kind of inspiring to know that music can cross so many cultural barriers.
I am usually very prudent, and tend to not do the crazy things typical of my age group. So it was actually really fun doing something a little bizarre last night! I may have to take a nap this afternoon, but that's okay. When in France!


  1. Sounds like a great experience! "When in France!" is definitely the right attitude to have, and that was a really good idea to have safety buddies. Who was the DJ?

  2. Ohhh I wish I could remember his name... apparently he isn't "the most famous," but definitely in the top 5. He mixed someone famous whose name I forgot... but I'll try to remember and get back to you!

  3. haha no worries, honestly I don't really know any DJs, I just wanted to youtube his stuff! :) glad you had a fun night!

  4. ooh thanks, I'll check him out on youtube now! :)