Thursday, September 29, 2011

Please Sir, can I have S'More?

Just for fun: Here is what NOT to do when making s'mores if you want to maintain your dignity and your waistline.
You should NOT buy peanut butter.
You should NOT buy marshmallows.
You should NOT buy chocolate covered biscuits.
And then you should most definitely NOT cook bacon in maple syrup.
And don't you DARE put it all together, or else it will be too delicious and you will eat too many.
Don't worry, I did not eat this by myself. And this is NOT happening in the near future. It was a small celebration upon the completion of first presentations in France. Yay!
Today I had 6 hours of class, not bad... they were not terribly interesting, but not as boring as some have been so far. So that's good!
Tomorrow, not much is planned other than a bit of shopping, the activating of bank cards, and a hunt for the American Burger House which is located behind the cathedral. We were told, by Americans, that it is a really good burger place run by Americans... sooo we're going to check it out.
And I'm running tomorrow, in an effort to balance out all of the ridiculous things I ate today and will be eating tomorrow... Hmmmm...

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  1. I love that the American Burger place is next to the cathedral!
    This post reminded me so much of Jessica from How Sweet - your writing style and the bacon and peanut butter love :) Love it! Glad to hear that the presentation went great and have a wonderful weekend!!