Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So much school!

Well, now that I have internet again, I can finally write about my last couple of days!
Yesterday, I braved the unknown and went to not one, but two integrated classes at the university! The first was "musique, langage, et société", a philosophy course which was difficult to follow but decently interesting. It was a very strange first class though... because it was the first one, I assumed that we'd get a run-down of the course and introduction. But no, right into the work! I'm not sure if I'll stick with this one, because I have a couple of other choices, but I do like it. So we'll see!
While I was waiting for the class to start, I checked out a schedule posted on a bulletin board, just to see what else was out there. I noticed a course called "musique renforcée", which sounded like a music theory course. So, because I was feeling brave, I decided to check it out in the afternoon. Much more class than I anticipated, but I enjoyed practicing my listening skills.
So. Musique. It was... interesting! I'd like to go back, I just don't know if it will count for anything. It was very different than any music class I've taken before. For one thing, rather than naming the notes "a,b,c, etc" they instead use "do, re, me, etc." So I was quite confused at first. We did some rhythm exercises and listening exercises as well. I didn't realize how long it had been since I did music theory. The last time was for my grade 8 piano exam and grade 2 theory, which I did when I was in grade 11. Somehow that was 4 years ago??? Don't know how that happened! Needless to say, I was confused for parts of the class but I think I have a grasp of what was taught. So hopefully it can count as a class, because music is wonderful and Trent doesn't have it! Plus, the prof randomly plays the piano. Bonus!
After class, I went on a little excursion to the grocery store with my American friend. Now, normally when I grocery shop I make a list and then speedily race through the store, trying to make it in as little time as I possibly can. However, my friend loves to peruse each aisle and all of the various foods that are offered, so I was unable to set a new grocery-shopping world record. Which is actually good, because I had a great time! It was really fun checking out all the different foods that are offered in France, and especially the bakery/pastry section was marvelous (om nom nom!). So I appreciated grocery shopping with someone much more patient than myself.
Since we shopped around dinner time, we decided to be super french and get all of our dinner at the store. We bought: a baguette, some sheep cheese (TASTY), some sort of dried sausage (YUM) and a tarte called "La Nantaise." We also ate some carrots, just to balance it all out. We felt very French, haha.
Dinner, with make-shift table cloth.
All in all, it was a tasty dinner and was followed by a wonderful Bible study. Whoever said Mondays were no good clearly has no idea what they are talking about!

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