Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Breakfast = Good Day

This morning, I had peanut butter pancakes for breakfast... and they were delicious!! Granted, there was no baking powder in them so they weren't super fluffy, but they tasted soooo good. I ate a lot.
Here is me about to flip my first pancake... EVER! I never make them at home, my dad always does... so it was quite the experience. I don't think I did too bad, either!
They turned out quite well. And the Maple Syrup was delicious.
Afterwards, I spent a bit of time working on my presentation (for Tuesday... eek...) before heading downtown with some friends. We went to the MuseĆ© des Beaux Arts, because it will be closing for renovations and so was having a free admission day. I was really glad that I went too! The artwork was amazing, and much better than I expected. I definitely preferred the natural prints, but there were a few nice portraits as well. It was  just a lot of fun to walk around and check everything out. Plus, we saw a Picasso!
Afterwards, we strolled around the carnival a bit, just because it was there... and because there was tasty and delicious food to be had!
We then went into the huge cathedral and walked around in it. It always amazes me how people built these massive cathedrals centuries ago, without any of the modern tools and machines that we have today. Last Spring, my family and I watched the "Pillars of the Earth" mini-series. If you want to check it out, I highly recommend it (though watch out-- it has the rating it has for a reason). It was about a man who was an architect, and all of the politics behind building cathedrals back in the Middle Ages. Plus, the sheer fact that the roofs don't cave in is incredible, as they are made of stone. So every time I see one, I find myself amazed at what people were willing to do in the name of God. Some might think that it is silly to try and get closer to God by building huge churches or monuments... I mean, that isn't what it is about at all, but I still think that the thought behind it is nice. You can't help but look up when you're in a cathedral, even if it hurts your neck. And once the organ starts to play, it is just wonderful. So needless to say, I really enjoyed walking around the church.
the front of the cathedral
view from the back
After all the fun, some work was to be had, so I spent a few hours working on my project. A head's up: there might not be a blog tomorrow because my plans consist of being cooped up in my room writing my presentation. Which is on Tuesday. I'm trying to forget about it, but it is unfortunately very soon. So I have to get some work done.
But hopefully the rest of the week will be more exciting! Wherever you are now, I hope that you had a great Sunday and I wish you a wonderful week :) Enjoy the Fall colours!

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  1. Good luck/bonne chance on your presentation Nicole!! I'm sure you will do AMAZING.

    Isn't "Pillars of the Earth" terrific? I actually have never seen the miniseries but I devoured the book and highly recommend it!! There is also a sequel and I literally could not put either book down. I think you look at that kind of architecture and compare it to the stuff that's being put up today (that inevitably falls apart in a few years) and its just mind-boggling.

    The pancakes look delish!