Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E

Ten points to YOU if you figure out where I stole this title from!
This evening, for dinner, a friend and I decided to make some tasty mac and cheese... sometimes it is nice to have some comfort food that reminds you of home, plus it was my first time cooking in the kitchen here, so kind of exciting.
I got the recipe from my good friend Bubba "Rebecca" Sage who made some camp staff a mac and cheese dish that was sooooo delicious that I just had to try and replicate it. I must say, it wasn't quite the same, but we also couldn't find regular cheddar cheese so we had to improvise. We chose Gruyere and Swiss cheese that came pre-shredded. We also didn't have any measuring equipment. Let's be real, we're in university. It makes no sense to buy anything but the absolute necessities for this year, since we'll have to leave mostly everything here when we leave in April.
It began as this...
And it eventually transitioned into this...
Note the huge blob of cheese in the middle. It was tasty.
We were pretty pleased with ourselves. To continue our cooking adventures, we will be attempting peanut butter pancakes in the morning, and hopefully spaghetti in the near future. We actually found Maple Syrup in the grocery store, and it is pretty legit. I may have had a spoonful... it was delicious. Now I just need some snow to roll it in!
Tomorrow there isn't really church, because  of a retreat weekend, so I'm going to use the morning to work on my presentation. Hopefully I get enough done that I can treat myself to a visit to one of the museums in town, which is closing for renovations so is giving free admission tomorrow. If I have something to work towards, I will kick it into high gear and get my work done.
I must admit, I usually take a few weeks to transition into school as it is, but it is especially difficult in France, since my workload is different. I do have homework, I'm just used to close to 200 pages of history reading per week plus french homework and essays. So I haven't really gotten into a groove or routine yet, but I know that it will come. Deadlines... help!

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